Educator Appraisal System Helping Teachers Master the Art & Science of Great Teaching

EdAppraisal™ is a powerful web-based application that lets teachers and administrators analyze instruction, document professional growth, and manage improvement with efficiency and ease. EdAppraisal's easy and intuitive interface makes the Texas PDAS process simple for teachers and appraisers.
    • Automatic PDAS Observation Notifications can be set up within the application according to state or district time requirements
    • Teachers, appraisers, principals and district administrators may create documents and notifications from the system for delivery via regular email
    • EdAppraisal automatically flags teachers that require an Intervention Plan
    • Teachers can complete and submit Teacher Self Reports online
    • Principals can easily track teachers by contract type in order to effectively schedule observations
    • EdAppraisal prevents users from prematurely completing the Summative Annual Report's Domains VII and VIII
    • Observation Summary Reports are easy to complete with check boxes where appropriate
    • EdAppraisal archives previous years' reports
    • District documents, such as a PDAS Office Handbook, are accessible for all users within EdAppraisal