Guaranteed Growth Student Learning!

PerformancePeak™ is an intensive, data-driven school improvement solution for accelerating student learning through continuous improvement of teaching practices, leadership practices, and organizational practices.

Created in partnership with Performance Fact, PerformancePeak™ combines the best of Performance Fact's Eye on the Goal™ results-focused planning and disciplined implementation process, with School City's STARS™ state-of-the-art assessments, analysis, reporting and intervention system. Together, the stakeholders keep their eyes on the goal and improve day-to-day professional practices to achieve extraordinary student results!
  • Benefits of PerformancePeak™:

    • Clarification of your school's Instructional Focus, aligned to the SPSA or Alternative Governance Plan
    • Step-by-step coaching, technical assistance and tools for implementing and monitoring your Instructional Focus in 6-12-week cycles of inquiry
    • State-of-the-art assessment management and reporting, with integrated standards-based intervention lesson plans, high-quality test items and pre-built, ready-to-use formative assessments
    • Differentiated, practice-based professional development aligned to your Instructional Focus
    • Teachers and students regularly using and learning from performance data
    • Development of teacher-leaders and a culture of data-informed professional collaboration
    • Year-round coaching, support and monitoring tools for principal and leadership team
    • 24/7 access to user-friendly customized web-based tools and resources
  • Client Commitment:

    • Consistent, year-round follow-through on the school's Instructional Focus improvement plan
    • Commitment of the principal to leading the continuous improvement journey
    • Consistent engagement and participation of all teachers, staff and students
    • "Sacred time" set aside for data-informed professional learning and collaboration
    • Commitment to use data to improve effectiveness of day-to-day professional practices and student learning
    • Commitment to develop teacher-leaders
    • Follow-through on highly targeted family engagement strategies and expectations