Professional Development for Teachers and Administrators

SchoolCity's Professional Development Series empowers teachers and administrators to analyze, prioritize, and develop action plans around assessment results. Combining STARS™ technical training with structured coaching, our workshops can help your district arrive at those coveted "Aha!" moments – when the link between assessment data and student achievement becomes clear.

"Aha!" Moments: A SchoolCity Favorite

In our experience working with teachers and administrators, one of the most profound changes we see is a rethinking of what assessment data really shows. Instead of clinging to long-standing assumptions about what students know and don't know, our trainees learn to "drill down" and take a deeper, more analytical look at their students' learning. Here's a favorite "Aha!" moment shared with us by a principal in Youngstown, Ohio:

Teachers are no longer getting stuck on debating whether a question is 'good' or 'bad.' Instead, their conversations have evolved into ones that are dissecting what students needed to know to THINK THROUGH the question and the nuances between answer choices.

Youngstown Public Schools

Professional Development that Works for You

Available in a number of delivery platforms, including in-person trainings, webinars, and online coaching sessions, each SchoolCity workshop is customized to meet the needs of your district. Our professional development series is designed for educators of all levels, including administrators, instructional coaches, and classroom teachers. Let us know how we can help you and your students on your journey to success!

PD Series Courses: Helping you get the most from your Assessment Data

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Data Analysis 101
Learn how to:
  • Unwrap data reports - from the big picture to specific student details
  • Create custom reports and more!
Change Agent: Using Data to Change Practices
Learn how to:
  • Use data results to drive instructional practices and make
    modifications in adult behavior
  • Use data results to help improve student achievement.
    Click on the course title to learn more!
Together We Achieve More: Data Practices in Collaborative Groups
Learn how to:
  • Use student data to guide collaborative discussions
  • Establish groups, roles, responsibilities, and norms. Just click on the course title to learn more!
Students Matter: Goal Setting and Data Analysis with Students
Students perform better when they analyze their own test results to identify patterns and specific challenge areas. Involving students in the data reflection process helps them see clearly where they're succeeding and where they need help. SchoolCity trainers will model lessons in the classroom throughout the day, while guiding students through data reflection activities. Click on the course title to learn more!
Planning for the Common Core
Learn how to:
  • Determine how the Common Core State Standards will change your practices
  • Plan ahead for changes in assessment, pedagogy, reporting, and gaps in state assessments. Just click on the course title to learn more.
Begin with the End - Creating Assessments in STARS
This workshop provides advanced training on the creation of thoughtful, standards-aligned assessments with the STARS™ assessment creation tool. Click on the course title to learn more!