Upcoming Webinars

SchoolCity® USEEK Webinars, provide education leaders an opportunity to learn more on quality assessment and data related issues. Looking for a standard how-to webinar? Choose a SchoolCity Basics; they are designed to walk you through the assessment building process. Looking to increase your assessment and analytics expertise? Try a DoK 3 USEEK.

In addition to those listed below, SchoolCity Partner District personnel are encouraged to reach out to your SchoolCity Account Manager for a full list of Customer Webinars & Trainings available for your district professional development and teacher engagement needs.

Partner USEEK: Building Highly Effective Professional Learning Communities - Data Informed Culture

Date: Thursday, May 17

Time: 9:00 AM PST

Save My Seat!

Description: Join our webinar to discuss leadership perspectives for building highly-effective professional learning communities which use data to shape instruction that is differentiated for diverse student needs for the purposes of school improvement.

Level: District Leaders

Partner USEEK - The Importance of Formative Assessment/Why You Need an Item Bank

Date: Thursday, May 31

Time: 9:00 AM PST

Save My Seat!

Description: Educators use multiple types of formative assessment in their classrooms. In this webinar, we will discuss why formative assessment is essential for educators as they evaluate students’ progress towards standards mastery. As we explore how formative assessment item banks help districts, we will review the characteristics of a high-quality item bank.

Level: All Users

Recommended: School and District Administrators

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