SPSA: Single Plan of Student Achievement

What data did you use to form this goal (findings from data analysis)?

Students will be formally assessed in each content area three times a year for their comprehension and writing skills using the Smarter Balance writing rubrics for Argument, Expository and Narrative. Language Arts classes will also use the Engage New York module assessments which are given four times a year. We will also look at Smarter Balance results for ELA (English Language Arts) to make sure students are progressing towards standard.

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What did the analysis of the data reveal that led you to this goal?

85% of students performed at a level 3 or 4 on the Smarter Balance Argumentative Rubric and 90% of students are reading at their corresponding grade level lexile score. 62% of students scored at standard or above standard on the SBAC (Smarter Balance Accountability Consortium) ELA (English Language Arts) test for the 2015-2016 school year.

What process will you use to monitor and evaluate the data?

The Principal and teachers will evaluate the progress throughout the year using the Cycle of Inquiry process twice a month as well as with formal writing samples 3 times per year in each content area.


The strategies we will use are Close Reading, Non-Fiction Reading, and Argumentative Writing.

What data did you use to form this goal?