• Accountability

Sparking Continuous Improvement

  • 21st Century customizable, professional-looking, and highly readable LCAP, SPSA, and SARC reports
  • School and district personnel get a “birds-eye” view of SPSA implementation status and direct connection to the district’s LCAP vision
  • Includes a SARC Executive Summary and input for Spanish translation
  • Generates LCAP and SPSA Action and Budget status reports for monitoring progress
  • Accessible anytime and anywhere through a web browser
  • Previous year’s SARC, SPSA and LCAP inputs roll over, saving schools and districts time
  • Common district data is entered only once and populates the SARC, SPSA, & LCAP fields for all schools
  • Includes school and district specific data charts and tables for critical analysis of all plans and vibrant visual literacy
  • Easier completion with collaborative features such as multiple user access
  • Easy, intuitive solution for inputting budget connection with LCAP, SPSA, and SARC
  • Continuous alignment to CDE data, displays/grids, and layouts with State Performance Categories


SchoolCity SPARCS Suite, is a sophisticated, easy-to-use, web-based application that gives all Stakeholders immediate access to State Accountability planning and template reports aligned to current CDE mandates. With its dynamic interface, SPARCS Reporting Suite allows users to access all expected plans needed, 24/7, including (but not limited to) the SARC, SPARCS, and LCAP modules. Furthermore, integration with SchoolCharts allows for hundreds of data charts. These immediate and instant visual reports allow movement from compliance to collaborative actions amongst all stakeholders and education communities.


The LCAP module is a comprehensive planning tool that links budgets, expenditures, and resource goals while aligning the CDE specifications for goals and priorities. Ensuring stakeholders have input process documented and engagement in the local control process.

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The SPSA module includes pre-loaded State data, links to budgets and expenditures that support alignment to the LCAP plan. Administrative access 24/7 to view progress, make changes and refine goals. Includes CDE resource library and Data Charts link to align goals and best practices.

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The SARC module comes with pre-loaded CDE data, allowing the majority of any district/school data files to be uploaded for customers. Aligned to CDE specifications and includes Spanish templates. Translation services available in multiple languages. Simplistic workflow process to monitor progress.

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Our professional and instant reporting module includes more than a dozen styles of accessible reports in both PDF and Word. Easy link and uploads for District, School and State level websites. Executive level reports for Stakeholder meetings, Rubric Reports for Implementation Status and Resources for School level uploads.

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SChoolCHARTS is a FREE statewide assessment and accountability charting system. Provides hundreds of charts illustrating assessment results for every school and district in the state! Ideal for longitudinal analysis, improvement planning, and accountability reporting. It can be used alone or integrated with SchoolCity’s Suite product. Most importantly, it can be used for periodic and automatic updates for charts.

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